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ASYA is a home of appreciation developed through a collaboration of established property developers in Indonesia, Hong Kong and the rest of Asia. Astra Land takes pride in its many years of expertise and an excellent track record of developing outstanding new communities. The business is renowned for its creative approach to creating townships and residential neighbourhoods, with a focus on integrating gorgeous lakes, rich greenery and excellent facilities within the community.

During the initial stage, Bettablue team encountered a challenge in searching for the appropriate proposition due to the new location that’s near an industrial area. However, we managed to create a distinct perception of the location by using one of ASYA's main strengths, the lake township. In order to achieve this, we conducted comprehensive interviews with the board of directors and gathered data from the target market. The team identified the ideal proposition that prioritizes exceptional homes and services. The objective was to offer an exquisite living experience that is both authentic and organic.

After careful consideration and discussion, Bettablue and the client agreed upon a name that effectively conveys their exceptional lifestyle - a straightforward and easy-to-remember name that is now recognized as ASYA. Additionally, we developed the slogan "Beautiful life, beautiful living" to emphasize that a life lived at ASYA is not simply an existence but rather a life full of meaning, beauty and joy.