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Brand Implementation


Food & Beverage


BellyGood is a catering solution provided by TungLok Group, which is Halal-certified and offers a wide range of delectable cuisines for various occasions. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up plenty of challenges for the F&B industry. The website was outdated with a cluttered layout and lack of user-centricity.

BellyGood didn’t have e-commerce platform. All orders were taken manually. Covid-19 eliminated the B2B catering business. BellyGood has to launch a B2C e-commerce quickly in order to stay competitive in the market.

We introduced a new mascot, Uncle Belly! A new mascot gives a more approachable and friendly image, especially on social media. We launched BellyGood e-commerce within one month. By using online platform, BellyGood is able to drive traffic to their website, expand their customer base, and grow their business rapidly. The original e-commerce has been redesigned and optimized continuously over the years. The check-out process has grown more complicated to cater to the complex offering that BellyGood is offering. Once BellyGood’s e-commerce hit product market fit, we started the marketing engine. This has grown BellyGood’s online revenue by 10x in 24 months. Today, BellyGood is a thriving and leading Halal catering provider.